Monday, August 04, 2008

Hike to Duguna Fort and Tatopani Visit

Making long story short, Shankar, Bibek and me went to Duguna Fort Hiking on last friday (thanx to Prajwal for recommending, D2 team had gone there last week) and to Tatopani the next day.

Took a bus to Barhabise, then to 8 kilo - 3 hrs hike to Duguna Fort through Yarmasing village - met a nice Buddhist nun on the way - reached the Fort at the top of hill - back to the village - had tea and potatoes - to another home for the night stay - awesome local wine - unforgettable smoking and guffs on veranda - next day to Tatopani - soothing hot spring water shower - crossed Miteri bridge - stepped on China!

Longer version? Well, pictures say thousand words..