Monday, June 16, 2008

Download Firefox 3, be the part of World Record

June 17th. Yup, tomorrow! The day Mozilla has set as Firefox 3 Download day to set the record of most downloaded software in 24 hours. And you can be a part of it!

Can it be any easier than this? No eating glass or juggling 50 bowling pins. Jus click the link below and download Firefox 3. Besides setting the record, you know what the best part is? You'll get a brand new Firefox browser - the best internet browser in the world!

Download Day 2008

PS: While you download, i suggest you listen to Coldplay's new album Viva La Vida or, Death and all his friends which has jus been released. My current favorite!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Rafting @ Trishuli

The adventure i wanted to do since a long time. Didn't get chance till 20th Annual Rafting Festival. Trishuli it is.. Everything was in a rush. Got ticket in the last hour. But the point is - we did it.

The team members were - Shankar, Ankur, Suvash, Rajiv and me. At the river, a Dutch couple joined us - Jan-Jaap Van Den Hoek & Tamara Jochemsen.

From Trishuli Rafting
Our rafting team. A Dutch couple joined us - Jan-Jaap Van Den Hoek & Tamara Jochemsen.

From Trishuli Rafting
Take me to the river, Dip me in the water..

From Trishuli Rafting
Shankar jumps..

No doubt, rafting was hell lot of fun. Our captain Katak dai led us to the scariest splashes in the rapids. But at the end, we all felt like we deserve even more rapids. Bhotekoshi or Kali Gandaki next??

From Trishuli Rafting
Rafting's over. And everybody's exhausted and HUNGRY! Lunch time..

The Dutch couple were really cool. We had a really nice time talkin to them. These guys were on world tour for a year and after rafting they were touring Nepal on motorbike! They taught us some Dutch too.
- Huth Khatet Khut? (How are you?)
- Meth Meh Khatet Khut. (I'm fine)

Photos are at my Picasa Album.

- More photos are at Shankar's Album
- Rajiv has a more elaborate blog here