Friday, October 19, 2007

Ghorepani Hiking Day 4: Back Home

17th October 2007, Wednesday

Got up early, we'd to go to Beni. We couldn't say a word to the owner about what happened last night. But when she found out about the mess, c was kinda really mad. Had tea n we left that place. There was nothing left there..

Took a jeep to Beni. The road was bumpy but there were some cool sceneries on the way.

Reached Beni. The cell phone was finally working. Called home. Took a microbus to Kathmandu. This time again there was some cool view on the way.

Kaligandaki as seen from microbus. From Ghorepani Hiking

Five of us got off at Pokhara. Me, Rajiv and Babins were to go Kathmandu directly.

Reached Kathmandu at 5, but Kalanki ko jam caused 2 hours delay.

N ya, there was one funny incident. Rajiv n me were waiting for a bus at Swayambhu to get back home but we didnt get anything. Later on we were jus makin fun waving hands to each n every vehicles that passed by us. Suddenly we happened to wave a scooter, n holy shit, it stopped n waited. We were confused what was that about.. Somewhat excited coz there were gals waiting for us. But scared too coz we didn't know what they were upto..

But before we could make a move, a bus arrived n we got into it. The bus moved n we could still see the gals (there were two of them on the scooty) still waiting.. I was still out of my mind!


  1. Hope you had a wonderful time here.

  2. if you had informed me, I too could manage time to join you guys. :0
    anyways...very soon I will be going there