Friday, December 14, 2007

Compact GNOME buttons and menus

If you are GNOME user, you'd agree to me on the fact that GNOME buttons and menus take too much space. While this looks cleaner and spacey, some might feel this the waste of space. Atleast i do. So why not fix it?

  1. Go to /usr/share/themes (or, /home/you/.themes
  2. Find the folder of your current theme (eg, Human, Tango, etc)
  3. Inside the folder, there's a folder called gtk-2.0 and inside it a file named gtkrc
  4. Open gtkrc with your text editor (ofcourse, make a backup first)
  5. Search for every xthickness and ythickness in the file and set the value to 1
  6. Save the file and restart X
There's also a theme named 'Clearlooks Compact' having similar attributes. You can find it here.

Furthermore, if you need more space, you can turn off text display on icons.
  1. System > Preferences > Appearance > Interface tab (or, System > Preferences > Interface)
  2. Set the 'Toolbar button labels' to 'Icons only'

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