Sunday, March 02, 2008

Lakuri Bhanjyang Hiking

After a long discussion on where to go n when to go (guys have gone really busy), Prajwal came up with a post late saturday that said lets go hiking on sunday to Lakuri Bhanjyang. Initially the route was Lubhu-Lakuri-Lamatar but we found that it wasn't quite a route for hike eventually. But who could stop us from havin more fun?

We were to meet at Sahidgate. 6 mentioned, 7 arrival. We were Chetan, Madhav, Mahesh, Lekhnath, Prajwal (Paul), Pushpesh, Rajiv and me. Dinesh joined at Lagankhel. Jeti-puri-chiya at a sweet shop nearby n we kicked off.

From Lakuri Bhanjyang Hiking

Got some snacks n fruits at Lagankhel bus park. But we'd come to know that there are lots of restaurants at Lakuri Bhanjyang, so why be a jackass? (But there were none, so does that make us jackass??) Moreover everybody wasn't carrying bag, so the uneven distribution of load got me quite reluctant.. ;)

Bus to Lubhu ghumti nira late bhayo, literally. We reached there around at 9 and the hike began. But unfortunately it was over long before we were heating up. We got there around at 10! Moreover we took the shortcut, although there was motor-road (with one inch thick layer of dust though) to Lakuri Bhanjyang. Chetan panting and gasping all the way - it was his first hike with us (but he caught up soon).

From Lakuri Bhanjyang Hiking

Ok now what? The planned hike was already over. This got us thinkin about the Electronics guys who had come to the same place some time back and luring us with their adventure (?) stories. Lakuri Bhanjyang is an hour walk, what were they thinkin?

But still we walked to the highest point we could find at LB. The whole Kathmandu valley was visible from there, or i might say invisible - the air was jus too hazy. Gosh, we breathe that..

From Lakuri Bhanjyang Hiking

It was 12 when we left that place. But there was no way we were goin to declare the hiking over. We caught another road which led to Godawari, as the locals explained. There trail we took led to a cave as a signboard said, but as we went we didnt met any cave but instead an hour of adventure we'd never forget in our life. We had to grab the trees to climb up the hill. There was literally no trail, we were actually doing a vertical hill climbing. One slip n we'd be up the hills. But luckily no one took that route. :)

From Lakuri Bhanjyang Hiking

There was one funny incident. Few minutes before we reached a nicer trail, we met a rather elderly couple who were a resident nearby n were there to look after their cattle graze. They were quite surprised that instead of taking a easier way (vehicle) to Godawari we were taking our breath out and climbing the hill to reach there.. They mus have thought us as a total moron. Irony huh, they long for vehicle, we long for hike.

After that it was an easier trail. We also encountered few Laligurans trees, n had some photo sessions too. Finally reached Godawari around at 3. Went to Siddheshor temple there and the first thing anyone could think after a day's hike was putting the feet in the icy cold water there. Trust me dude, it was soo relaxing. I forgot all the exhaustion.

From Lakuri Bhanjyang

And now the important part, noone had eaten a thing till then. Yes there were fruits, but thats nothing compared to the long hike. We went to a restaurant nearby n ordered food. Typical dal-bhat-tarkari.

While returning also entered Godawari Park. Donno about others, but i was totally nostalgic.

In overall, the hiking was one of the best i ever had. The previous hikings were like - the next day you couldnt move your butt. This one was cool. Non-exhaustive but still full of adventure.


  1. Nice one Jwalanta!!! Everyone's with a laliguras!!! Cool! :D

  2. Nostalgic huh! I understand ur pain, I truly do...we'll work on it eventually. By d way I bet you don't need a GRE prep: "maths- u're already good, and English- I can see d flow...excellent job!" I'm so proud of U.

  3. yes it is cool i want to visit it to love it