Monday, April 21, 2008

Shutdown day? I celebrate it everyday!

Last time during our ubuntu-np IRC Meeting, we were planning on organizing Ubuntu Hardy Release party. Some of us wanted to do it on 3rd of May coz it saturday, but unfortunately the date happened to be Shutdown Day!

It first came to me as a good idea. But wait a minute, i do it everyday! Shutting down computer. But i dont do it myself. Why would i do that? Computer provides me air to breathe ;) Well, this does it..

I shutdown computer almost 7+ hours a day and 40+ hours a week. Isn't that enough to get a free pass out of this shutdown day crap? Plus it's on saturday, the day there's no power cut-off the whole day at my place. So plz not me, hell no!


  1. C'mon..kick off "load....whatever piece of shit" n come where u can do ur thang, coz u deserve betterrr. Bright light and high speed internet's where ur lady wid d light

  2. yeah dude ! Hell with this shutdown day thing.
    Not any different than our once-in-a-year "Sahid Diwas" thing. It ain't goin to change anything. Awareness त टाढाको कुरा भो ।
    It looks funny that everyone >wants< to see so concered about "Mother Earth" and then decide to do a shutdown day. hah !

  3. ya. n i also feel like there's no need to rant on 'conserve electricity, save earth' in nepal. coz ours is totally renewable resource, unlike other countries where they burn coal to see the light.