Sunday, June 01, 2008

Rafting @ Trishuli

The adventure i wanted to do since a long time. Didn't get chance till 20th Annual Rafting Festival. Trishuli it is.. Everything was in a rush. Got ticket in the last hour. But the point is - we did it.

The team members were - Shankar, Ankur, Suvash, Rajiv and me. At the river, a Dutch couple joined us - Jan-Jaap Van Den Hoek & Tamara Jochemsen.

From Trishuli Rafting
Our rafting team. A Dutch couple joined us - Jan-Jaap Van Den Hoek & Tamara Jochemsen.

From Trishuli Rafting
Take me to the river, Dip me in the water..

From Trishuli Rafting
Shankar jumps..

No doubt, rafting was hell lot of fun. Our captain Katak dai led us to the scariest splashes in the rapids. But at the end, we all felt like we deserve even more rapids. Bhotekoshi or Kali Gandaki next??

From Trishuli Rafting
Rafting's over. And everybody's exhausted and HUNGRY! Lunch time..

The Dutch couple were really cool. We had a really nice time talkin to them. These guys were on world tour for a year and after rafting they were touring Nepal on motorbike! They taught us some Dutch too.
- Huth Khatet Khut? (How are you?)
- Meth Meh Khatet Khut. (I'm fine)

Photos are at my Picasa Album.

- More photos are at Shankar's Album
- Rajiv has a more elaborate blog here


  1. How could we forget Borat
    A: Want to make some money (After seeing shower dance restaurant)
    T: How Much?

  2. some phrases and moments, i want to share:
    - venue: Trishuli river
    - mexican mistress @ Bhadrakali
    - pahaad - climbing vs mounting :)
    - narayanhiti ma deu na malaai baas!
    - advertisement for 3 seats - where r da 3 glz?
    - kyaaptein Katak
    - swimming aunties and no. 4 rafter
    - Huth Khatet Khut
    - Meth Meh Khatet Khut
    - haaauu maaach?

  3. +s

    - shankar, the three glz r here: but mr.jj n the biryani gal were much better :P

    - #4 uncle ko crack was super creepy :D

    - Cap. Katak telling us to row forward two times n stopping when all were lying back exhausted was priceless..

    - we were the first to finish the raft, still got nothing for that..

    - shitty lemon(?) tea. thanx god i didnt have.

    - mula, khad-khud

  4. so JHANKURS had loads of fun huh! missed it..Happy 4 all u guys though..

  5. JHANKURS?? hmm.. trademark infringement??

    (but well, it contains initials of everybody in the rafting team..)

  6. @ankur - that one question and you went speechless... "haaw maaaach"?

    @shanker- almost everything covered...few left are

    - kheer chana
    - the bizarre dipole
    - hey mouuula

    @anonyms & JD

    JHANKURS miss the initial of Ms Tamara yaar!!!

  7. hey.. i got lot to comment.. but i cant remember anything here...
    my comments are in the picture gallery...


  9. It was nice to read and see photographs. I have never done rafting. In fact, I can't even swim.
    Quite shameful, yeah?!

  10. basanta bro, no need to learn swimming for rafting. u've got life-jackets n all.. u wont drown even if u want to ;)