Saturday, July 26, 2008

The day i felt like Neo..

Ok, by Neo i mean The One in the movie 'The Matrix'. If you havent watched this epic movie, i suggest you do. This is one movie you surely dont wanna miss. Well, what happens in this movie is that this hacker aliased Neo lives in a virtual world called 'Matrix' and the people from real world try to contact him by sending messages to his computer.. 'Wake up, Neo. Follow the white rabbit!' [trailer]

Similar kind of message had started to appear my computer since yesterday. I was away from computer n when i came back, there was a libnotification popup message saying 'haha', 'happy birthday.. ' n like that.. i felt like being hacked coz my computer is always connected to internet. More worried than being hacked, i was interested on how it was done.. Read everything from libnotification api to hacking dbus through tcp/ip. I shared this situation to Ankur and Shankar too, and they too were quite puzzled.

But what happened this morning was out of proportion. The message appeared again! I woke up at around 8 in the morning, unlocked the screen to see if there's any new mail. No messages. Then i went to wash my face, and when i returned back, there was this popup message:

"The milk is on the table. Go and get it."

I was clever this time to take the screenshot.

The message..

You can see that the internet is disconnected. Surely, it hasn't come through the network. But lets not go into how it was done, lets focus on the message. I took a look at the other table, there was no milk cup too. But still i was confused about the message. Then i got up, turned around, n WTF, THERE WAS A CUP OF MILK ON THE TABLE NEXT TO THE WINDOW!!!

Are you kiddin me? I had this run over my spine but still i tried to control myself. Okay, "Go and get it." I was still confused. But i went and drank it (without coffee). Was something to happen to me? Well, nothing happened (but i sure had a terrible headache).

Then there were these plethora of questions that ran down my mind. Is 'somebody' 'watching' me? BTW, also look at the fortune cookie quote on the desktop. Does that imply anything? Also note the SETI satellite wallpaper!

The fortune cookie..

I was scared to death for a while and shocked till evening. What the hell happened? Also checked if i have dual-personality thingy too ;) Checked all logs, shell history.. nothing! Also wrote a mail to Shankar and Ankur explaining the situation. Ankur was already busy reading books on Conspiracy theory n what not (he always does :)). The whole thing went over-heated among us.

And finally during dinner i was asking mom n my sis on who touched my computer during morning. Mom def has nothing to do with my computer. And there was my sis, at first was playin cool but later on was goin like 'haha..' She was the one playing all the pranks with me!

Whenever you lock the screen in Linux, there an option to leave a message n i didnt know that.. Seems like she knows more linux functionalities than me.. She was the one behind yesterday's strange messages too..

The whole day i was like, 'OMG, i'm being contacted.. this Matrix thing DOES exist..' haha.. Felt like a total moron later on.. damn! My sis pranked me on my own computer, n i still didnt have a clue about it.. :) But nevertheless, feeling like being a Neo for the whole day was really cool!


  1. he he he, remember the evil port 111 thing. I read whole rfc for the first time :)

  2. Hats-off 2 Josu, computer science needs more gals right? N that's her; outstanding at an early age. I love u both..

  3. funny ass.. lmao hehehe. welcome to the lala land.. ultraparanoid ;)

  4. stephen hawking7/28/2008 4:37 PM

    Here's the explanation:
    It is just that your computer has gone through a time vortex resulting in alternation of dimensions in it's memory. So, due to the phenomenon known as quantum tunnelling (across universes through the inter connecting p-branes), your computer is printing out messages from another dimension/time.
    Due to this fact, you've opened a rift in the space-time continuum which has resulted in a paradox across universes. The multiverses will now collapse into a singularity and re-emerge a billion years later (yes, exactly a billion years later.. who cares?) into similar multiverses with the particle/anti-particle balance exactly reversed. This phenomenon has been just a theory for now.. but after this event... the chain reaction has started.
    This is all due to the superior architecture of the Linux kernel of course and it's ability to handle data across multiple dimensions and times. And since you've conclusively proved, across universes. Windows would've crashed already.

    phew... that's a lot of BS... :P

  5. haha... nice one... just need a hot chick like Trinity now... :) even though I thought Monica Bellucci was hotter.. but that was second part... your destiny has just started. Free us from the Matrix o' chosen one....

  6. I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had, during my time there. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you aren’t actually mammal. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with its surrounding environment, but surprisingly you do not. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. You are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You are a plague, and I... am the cure. Do you really think that the milk in the glass you sipped was just the milk? Hey, think twice before you take the event just as a coincidence. That was not! Lastly, here's the clue, you and only you will serve as the cure of the disease of your planet. Good Luck!

  7. HAHaHa....

    Really nice one.

  8. what is that sidebar like text in ur desktop can u plz name it

  9. Guess your veiled knowledge is being radiated out from your within. And sister seems to be the one most exposed to this radiation. Just don't be surprised when your neighbours all start playing these pranks with your computer. The radiation from you is only intensifying more n more. Just be ready for the future!!!!

  10. So,
    which capsule did you take ?
    Red one or the blue one ?

  11. ujjwol, it's conky check it out at

  12. @ujjwol:

    the stephen hawkings is cool man.. got my head spinning the first time.

    @2nd anonymous:
    hmm.. sounds familiar..

    @1st anonymous:
    i love u both too.. ;)