Thursday, February 04, 2010

mpg123: Lightest mp3 player in Linux

If you are in search of the lightest barebone mp3 player in Linux, nothing can beat mpg123. Unless you want flashy visualizations and playlist management and such, mpg123 can save you a lot of memory and cpu horsepower.

Installation is easy. In Ubuntu,

sudo apt-get install mpg123

Mpg123 comes with loads of options. Check out the man page for details. Here I'm gonna share a few usage tips.

Shuffle-play a directory of mp3s:
mpg123 -CZ /path/to/mp3/folder/*

-Z option is for shuffle, -C is for control. From man page:
-C, --control
Enable terminal control keys. By default use ’s’ to
stop, ’p’ to pause, ’f’ to jump forward to the next
song, ’b’ to jump back to the beginning of the song,
’,’ to rewind, ’.’ to fast forward, and ’q’ to quit.
Type ’h’ for a full list of available controls.


Don't fall off your chair! Yes, mpg123 also comes with 32-band equalizer. But there's no inbuilt graphical UI for that, you need to create the plain-text file. There's an editor though if you like, but creating one is not hard either. From man page:
-E file, --equalizer
Enables equalization, taken from file. The file needs to
contain 32 lines of data, additional comment lines may be
prefixed with #. Each data line consists of two floating-
point entries, separated by whitespace. They specify the
multipliers for left and right channel of a certain
frequency band, respectively. The first line corresponds
to the lowest, the 32nd to the highest frequency band.
Note that you can control the equalizer interactively
with the generic control interface.

I've made one with party feel: party.txt

mpg123 -CZ -E party.txt mp3_file

Songs again and again:

Plus if you kind of person who listens to couple of songs again and again for weeks (instead of shuffled huge playlist), then hi5! :) and here's how to do that with mpg123:
mpg123 -CZ song1.mp3 song2.mp3

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  1. Thanks it was good tutorial..especially the equalizer file!