Sunday, March 18, 2007

FOSS Essentials Training - Second day

I'd meeting at some other place in the morning so couldn't reach MPP on time. When i reached there it was already time for lunch. As soon as i reached the hall, i got the food coupon! How embarassing..

But i was full so didn't go for lunch. Instead we jus stayed in the hall and started a movie on the projector. Yesterday we were talkin about movies and we'd also talked about 'The Matrix'. Prasanna had recommended another movie 'V for Vendetta' by the same director. This time he'd brought the DVD. Unfortunately, Ashay was first to grab it. My chance is tomorrow.

Well, we put the movie on, but obviously we didnt have time to watch the full movie, so we just turned it off and went for lunch. Lunch was better than yesterday. And one special thing to mention, this lunch is costing us a lot. We're using Yala Maya Kendra's hall, so we were compelled to order all the food from Dokaima Cafe. But this cafe is kinda 10 star'ed. The simple lunch we're providing to the trainees is costing us Rs. 300 per head! Way too expensive..

But lets not get concerned with food, what concerned me today was Roshendra dai's camera. At first i thought it was a SLR, but later on found out that it wasn't. But still, the camera was 8mp with 8x zoom and the photos were outstanding. Moreover, it looked more like SLR, i totally got stuck with it.. Shot everything that came infront of me..

The program continued. This time i also had a presentation on 'How to start blog'. But mine was scheduled at the last. So i took some time off to go to MPP office and had a look on my presentation. There wasn't anything i could add. My time was limited so the slides were more than enough..

From FOSS Essentials Training 2007

Back to the training hall. Shishir was giving presentation on LTSP. Prasanna's Drupal was next followed by Shankar's presentation on Wiki. Mine was at the end..

Finally the program was over. And the fun parts were just beginning - certificate distribution and photo session. It was real fun (especially the photo session)..

One more thing i need to mention. All the gals got 50% of their training fee waived, courtesy of BellaSAP. Wish guys also had such fortune..

Anyways, FOSS Essentials Training was a gr8 success. Hope the trainees also learned a lot.. The sad part is that i again have to go to MPP tomorrow to rearrange the computers.. ;)

From FOSS Essentials Training 2007

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