Monday, March 19, 2007

Is fate written on your palm?

Today we'd a surprise treat from Ashay. He had his birthday yesterday so we all were insisting on him to give us a treat. We weren't expecting, but he agreed!

We went to Jazz-a-bell cafe after the FOSS Essentials. There Ashay revealed one of his talents. He can so elegantly read palm. Especially Kebina n Monika were eager to have their read (Why gals so badly wanna know their future is out of my mind..). Whatsoever, Ashay told a lot of things to Kebina n Monika (about themselves) through their palm.

Whatever happened there is quite irrelevant here, one question always hunts me - Is there anything like fate? What i strongly believe is that the lines in the palm don't determine the fate.. Instead it's the fate which determines the lines. And fate is something you can control. The more harder you work, the better will be your fate and better will be the lines on the palm.

Here're few lines from 'The Matrix' movie, i'm really influenced of..
(Conversation between Morpheus and Neo)

- Do you believe in fate?
- No
- Why?
- Because that's not the way i wanna control my life..

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