Sunday, September 09, 2007

Watching Youtube (and other online videos) full screen

The best OS to have in your computer is Linux. In Linux, one of the best software to install is CompizFuzion (previosuly, Beryl). Well, I normally don't like to have flashy graphics as it gets boring and counter-productive with time, but the screen zoom feature always rocks!

Zooming screen?? Where could this be useful?? This feature is targeted for people with poor vision so that they can magnify part of screen. I do have good vision (after wearing glasses though) but this feature comes handy when watching videos from sites like Youtube.

Online video sites like Youtube and Google Videos have small sized videos. Now if you have CompizFusion, just press Win Key and rotate the scroll wheel and zoom it to full screen..

Normal Screen

Zoomed a bit

Zoom More..

Full Screen


  1. does this software work in windows?

    free software ho?

  2. dear saurab,

    currently there's no windows port of this software..

    if u really like this feature, why dont u try linux for urself??

  3. btw, this feature is available in ff3... without all the compiz stuff..

  4. On Mac OS X, zooming is easy (ctrl+scrollwheel), but hiding the mouse arrow not so much. Sometimes Esc does the trick, so does selecting text: Cmd+L selects the URL in the address field of the browser; or double-click a caption word, (e.g. "Maroon"), zoom your view, then modify the selection with Shift-LeftArrow. Seems to work on OS X with SeaMonkey and Firefox.

    Linux: tried Compiz; zoom is nice, sadly cannot hide mouse cursor, xterms become forbiddingly slow (at least with openSUSE 10.3).