Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tiny Issue Tracker

I find most issue trackers bloated for most of my requirements. I usually need a simple issue tracker to communicate between couple of persons but most issue trackers available have plethora of features, usually with full blown database.

So here's my solution: Tiny Issue Tracker. A PHP/SQLite based, single-file issue tracker.


- Super Lightweight (currently ~17KB, ~500 lines of code)
- Multi-user
- Email Notifications
- Auto DB creation on first run
- Issue Priority (High, Medium, Low)
- Comment on issues
- Throw and run!

Installation is as simple as it can get:
- Modify configurations in the file (tit.php)
- Upload to webserver (rename if necessary) & load from browser

username, password = demo, demo123
Check email notifications at

PS: The acronym is a complete coincidence though :P