Tuesday, December 14, 2010

HackJatra v0.1

Jitendra started the discussion, but i wouldn't be wrong if i say we all had the itch. A hackathon was in everybody's mind since quite a while. So we started a email discussion among fellow hackers, mostly Pulchowk Campus BCT'ians. We had few projects in mind - ATM Locator, Khanchuwa and Online Nepali Donation system. All we needed was a date for the event. But before we could finalize that, we coined a term for the event.

HackJatra. For non-Nepalis out there, Jatra means festivity. Later the term was also informally understood as "Hack by day, Jatra by night" :P. More on that later..

Finally, we fixed the date and venue: 11th December, 2010 at IT Park Banepa, starting from 9am.

The project we did were:

1. ATM Locator
Map enabled app to list and search ATMs in Nepal.
Team: Abhinav Singh, Bibek Shrestha, Jitendra Harlalka, Subodh Satyal, Sushil Shilpakar

2. Khanchuwa
Community based delicacies listing portal. The idea was discussed at BarCamp Kathmandu 2010.
Team: Jwalanta Shrestha, Abhishek Singh

3. Tweet NEA
Automated twitter accounts to tweet the loadshedding schedule.
Team: Manish Modi, Suraj Sapkota

More on the projects in the wiki.

Needless to say, the event was extremely fun. The joy of hacking for fun with extremely talented fellow hackers is indescribable. The projects we started are almost done; few more hours of collaborations and they'll all be ready to launch.

Future plans:
1. Do some branding of HackJatra; create a logo, have a website and make the projects more accessible and sharable.
2. Encourage other teams to do similar HackJatras
3. Do another HackJatra ASAP

O BTW, we even had booze party by night (Jatra :P)


  1. Nice job. Should keep it up !

    Cheers to all the Lakheys of the Jatra :P

  2. Nice Job Guys! I really liked the idea of "Khanchuwa" and "Tweet NEA". I am excited to see this projects coming into life.
    @jwalanta: A small question about "ATM Locator". This isn't a GPS enabled app right? Does GPS service work in Kathmandu? Its been a while I was in Kathmandu!

  3. @saroj: it's a fully gps enabled (google maps). see the project page for more:

  4. Hey guys with this ATM locator thing how far have you guys reached? I wrote a store locator module in php.. let me know if I can contribute...

  5. @jwala also there is stock api