Sunday, January 14, 2007

Back home!

Woke up with the sound of vajan. It was quite early in the morning too, but at other's place there wasn't anything we could do. The best option for us was to move out as soon as we can. Yesterday we'd met the same driver with whom we came to Dang and he gave us the information that the microbus that runs from Tulsipur would arrive Lamahi around at 8 am. But we got out early - It's Maghi tomorrow so we maynot get seats to go to Kathmandu.

In a while a microbus came with exactly five seats left. We didn't want to risk waiting for another microbus, so we got in. Wasn't that comfortable, but we just wanted to get back home.

There aren't much reminiscences, but i was quite in an uncomfortable seat. It was supposed to be a seat for three and i was the fourth one sitting on it. Moreover once, there was a woman whose baby slept on my lap, the conductor was sleeping on my shoulder and there was another old woman next to me vomiting! I borrowed Kebina's iPod and slept listening to it.

We all were separated, so there wasn't much talking. All i could do was sleep. Some of the things on the way worth remembering were Kurintar's sweet oranges and the man next to me whom i pushed kinda harder all the time to make space to sleep. Later on Shishir told me that he was the newly appointed Member of Parliament from the Maoist side representing Dang! Holy #$%^!

Got back Kathmandu around at 4 pm.

Finally home!

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  1. hey doc, great blogging. You almost felt like other regular bloggers. Anyways, looks like the trip was awesome trip. I miss those nepali highways, sky full of stars and chakka jams. The sunset in rapti looks like here in Lawton. Kudos to HeNN for such generous work, and you guys at engineering campus. Keep on the good work!!