Friday, January 12, 2007

Fake load-shedding, Handover program and the sleepless night

The fake load-shedding spoiled my whole night. I'd a lot of finalizing works to do on the server. First of all the total backup of the software content on the server was still pending. Similarly, the local intranet was still remaining to be smoothed. There were a lot of other tit-bits to tweak. All these works were worth one night. But the load-shedding played villain here.

I began to work around at 8 after having dinner but the bloody electricity went off again. Since i've come here, the thing that has been bothering most is the frequent power cut-offs that happen here. Almost every evening there's loadshedding and we're left with nothing but to sleep. But this time it was really frustrating. I'd a ton of work to do n there was no lights to do them. But there was nothing i could do so i just set alarm for early in the morning and went to sleep.

When i woke up, there still was no electricity. I couldn't also sleep any further. So began to play a puzzle game in my cell phone. I chose the difficult one, the one i never had a record of getting solved. But what's this? I solved it within five minutes. Frustration grew as i kept on waiting for lights. Donno when i slept again.

When i woke up, it was already eight in the morning and there STILL was no lights. We felt like something really might have gone fishy – maybe blown fuse or tripped MCB. Later on we found that it was jus loose plug that was causing the whole fake load-shedding! However there was nothing we could have done even if we'd found it during night coz the plug was inside principal sir's room and it was locked.

We fixed the power but there was no question of getting back to computer. Today was the day for the handover program. The main purpose of ours to come here was to setup the computer lab, but we also had the responsibility of delivering the books for the traditional library donated by Help Nepal Network. Infact this whole project was about traditional library, the concept of digital eLibrary came much later. And this formal event was supposed to be organized few days earlier, but our headmaster sir got stuck at Kathmandu due to chakkajam and when he returned back, he got busy with SLC form irregularities of some of the students. Finally the program was scheduled for today.

Leave aside the program, the main problem among us was to select one among us to deliver a speech in the program. Rajiv was the obvious candidate as he was the most efficient Nepali speaker among us and the speech ought to be in proper Nepali. Rajiv was getting prepared for it.

But later on things changed. We also needed to highlight some aspects of Help Nepal Network during the speech. I was the one who knew most about Help Nepal Network among us, so we decided to share the speech between Rajiv and me. But when the program was about to start, the program conductor came and told us that there will be speech from only one among us. Finally (and surprisingly) i was selected for the job.

This was quite unexpected. I had no intention to speak but somehow i ended up with something i've never felt comfortable with. You know i'm such a bad speaker. I really dont have problem interacting with people but when it comes to speaking infront of a mass, i really do have a complex. But there i was and i had no alternatives. How long can i run away??

I gathered some points to speak on and noted them in the diary. And there you go, it was my turn. I know the speech was such a mess coz i really had problem speaking in Nepali. But i guess, i didn't leave any points to speak on.

Beside the speech crap, we exchanged papers related to the donated books, computers and other equipments. The program was short and sweet. The chairperson was Mr. Lalmani Sharma, the President of School Management Comittee. Teachers and parents were also present. Unfortunately there weren't much students as the school was closed from today for Maghi to be held the day after tomorrow.

After the program was over, we had a short demo of the lab to the attendees of the handover program. There was this person (i forgot his name now), who told us that he also talked with Arun dai the day before. He was infact the unofficial coordinater of this project. It was because of his efforts Help Nepal Network agreed to help this school.

Besides him there were other persons from the Guardian's Group. Others were well known and respected personalities of this area. Good thing was that everybody appreciated the attempt and the technology. I dont know if there were any back-bitings, but everybody came to us and praised and thanked us for what we've done.

Later on we also had interviews of various persons regarding their comment on the eLibrary. We also videotaped them. Actually videotaping the interviews was idea of Roshendra dai. Shishir had talked with him yesterday on phone.

After program we'd planned to go to Lamahi with our headmaster sir. But we canceled the program this time too. I still had a lot of works to do due to the fake load-shedding the whole night. I was really running out of time and spending time visiting Lamahi was quite out of question.

After everyone had gone, i was infront of the server full time. I'd a lot of things to do – backing up the whole server, finalizing the Local intranet and some other tits-bits. Would take a whole night. Hopefully the lights wont go this time.

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