Saturday, January 13, 2007

Busy morning, trip to Gorahi and our Headmaster sir

Stayed up the whole night! Infact the backup software screwed up. Actually my intention was to make a DVD which would reinstall everything in a single step. There was a program called Mondo to do the backup job, but it wasn't working properly back in the Kathmandu itself. So i'd another program called clonesys to do the job. I even tried Mondo for the last time, but still it didn't work. Later on i found out that the main file was corrupted. Damnit, if i'd known this back in Kathmandu i would have downloaded it again.

But no worries, i'd another program to do the job – clonesys. It was working good when i tested it in back in Kathmandu but i didn't have much time to fully test it back then too. I just hoped it would work.

Unfortunately it didnt! It was middle of the night, everybody else were sleeping and i was getting screwed to the extent i could. An easy recovery system was something we were promising since the beginning, and now it wasn't showing any sign to work. I seriously needed some alternative. Did i have some?

Yes i did. The whole system was K12LTSP with a list of changes applied. To say it better, the system was simply K12LTSP customized to our needs. Fortunately, every changes we made on it was written on my diary. So it didn't take me long to list down the changes/customizations. Once it was done, i started writing script to do the whole customization stuff automatically. Didn't take that long as i'd expected.

So now the recovery system consisted of two DVDs. One was the K12LTSP installation DVD. Another DVD was the one containing scripts to perform the required changes to the system. The same DVD also contained all the content of the Local Intranet.

Now i'd to check it, i began installing the K12LTSP in another computer. Meanwhile also documenting everything i was doing in my laptop.

Around at 4, Govinda sir woke up. Oh i forgot to mention, Govinda sir also stayed with us so that we can teach him better about the system. By then a draft copy of the recovery manual was also over. So i told him to exactly follow the manual and install the K12LTSP. To my relief, he did it. A night long of work finally had some results.

Slept at 6 in the morning. Woke up at 9.

Had some breakfast and back to work again. Now another disaster – the manual i'd prepared the whole night wasn't there. I donno what happened, but the manual's file wasn't simply there in the laptop. I know i made a mistake not saving, but i'm damn sure i didn't close it either.

No time for worries, i started writing it again. I'd already written it before, so didn't take much to rewrite it. Whala, the re-installation manual was (re)done!

Meanwhile, Shishir and Rajiv went to the office to install the fax machine. They also tested it and also taught Kushal sir (he's the accountant there, i guess) how to operate it. We also tried to connect the office and the lab through LAN but there was some problem with the cable. Maybe the distance was too long.

Now it was time to rush. Today we were supposed to leave and stay at our principal sir's home at Lamahi. I even had to go to Ghorahi. We atleast needed to move out before 2pm. Govinda sir was also rushing as he also had to go to his home – Pyuthan. We all were jokin that his wife's gonna kill him. But finally everything was done. We'd burned the required CDs too. Double-checked everything and then we moved. It was around 1pm.

Took a bus and reached Lamahi. Our headmaster sir had given us his number to call once we were in Lamahi. We called but nobody picked up. We were screwed for a while. But not for too long. Seems like our headmaster sir is quite popular here. Even the shopkeeper whose phone we used knew about him and knew where he lived. She told us the direction and so we moved.

Seems like everybody knows him here. We reached his home asking the local people. And there you go, we reached his place. Meanwhile our headmaster sir wasn't at home. We were welcomed by his wife. We kept our luggages there and moved out to go to Ghorahi.

Going to Ghorahi had a reason. I was born in Ghorahi but still dont know how the place is. I was brought up in some other place (Baglung). Now i've come upto Dang and i didn't want to miss the visit to Ghorahi. Previously only me and Shishir were planning to go to Ghorahi but since there was no work to do for the rest, we all went.

There was an truck accident on the way to Ghorahi so we had to stop for a while. But we finally reached Ghorahi. Now i'd one particular job to do – meet Saliza aunty of Marigold Public School. My dad in particular was insisting me to meet her. He'd told me that she was the one who loved me most when i was kid. But i didn't know how she looked, infact i dont know anything related to Ghorahi. I just know i was born there.

Now the problem – how to find Marygold school in the first place in this big town?? But fortunately the school wasn't much far from where we got off. We asked the locals there and they showed us the way. There were no taxi nor rickshaw. All we could do was walk.

But later there was this guy who told us that there was no Marigold school anymore. It was shut off a few years ago after the Maoists blasted a bomb in the school. So instead of Marigold School, there was Siddhartha Academy. He also showed the way to the school.

We reached Siddhartha Academy. But Saliza aunty wasn't there. It was a completely another school and Saliza aunty didn't belong there. But fortunately we met a woman (her name was Usha Sharma and she was wife of the Principal of the school). She knew Saliza aunty and showed us the way to reach her. She also gave information that the building of Marigold School is still there (but closed as a school) and Saliza aunty lives in the same building.

It was a long walk but we finally reached there. The building was really big but was really deserted. There was a school previously here. But after it was closed, it's just Saliza aunty's family who lives here. Top floor. Me and Shishir went up, other guys stayed outside. Finally we reached there, we thought.

But not so. Saliza aunty wasn't at home. There was another woman who told us that she's gone to a PCO nearby. I might not meet her, so i took the telephone number of the home from her. Shishir and others were freakin out coz we'd been walkin since a hour or two, but i still had energy to meet her. Cmon it's a nearby PCO. Me and Shishir went there.

Finally there she was. But she was busy talkin on phone. Meanwhile i talked to a man who was sitting there and when i told him that i came to meet Saliza aunty, he asked who i was. I told the name of my dad and everything. Then he was smiling – he was husband of Saliza aunty. And now remember them. I've been seeing them on photo. It was just i didn't know them.

They both were surprised to see me and asked how i reached there. I told them about the project and all. But one thing i missed – i thought they would be shocked to see me and tell me how big i've gone and such things, but they took it normal.

Some talks and it was time to go. We had to reach Lamahi. But i was glad to meet them. If i hadn't met them, it would have been a sad evening coz we walked soo much.

Back to Lamahi and back to our headmaster sir's place. It was somewhat boring, somewhat irritating and somehow hilarious to me.

It turned out that our headmaster sir was being involved in 'Om Shanti'. And after dinner, he started talkin about it on and on. First there was Swasthani and although we were tired and wanted to go to bed, we listened. But then he started his talks on Om Shanti and other spritual things. Oh god, he kept on talking and talking. I know none of us believed on such things, but we'd no option but to listen.

Later on i felt funny about how the guys were irritated listening to him. But i dont wanna talk about it. It was just too much. And it was finally over when he started taking out the video CDs to show to us. We then told him that it was too late and we were too tired and wanted to go to bed.

Finally to bed!

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