Thursday, January 11, 2007

Excited teachers, Homesickness and the Chocofun

Fourth day here at Bhaluwang and i was already getting homesick. Most of all, i was missin my honey and during night, my bed (cmon, we are staying in the computer lab itself). Talkin about missin stuff, it was quite a joke here. And by the way, all jokes are courtesy Rajiv (Dude, you are the man!) According to him what i miss most was internet (coz i talk about internet all the time). Shishir misses his bike most. The open highway is just there, and he doesn't have a bike to ride – quite a misery huh? Ayush's case was different. He misses madal! Quite a thing to miss. Actually there was a time Ayush was gettin so frustrated (perhaps homesick or else?) and he was complaining on lack of any musical instrument – 'Aint a madal'. Rajiv was having all the fun i guess. It was his first stay outside valley and he was enjoying it to the fullest. But i can't say anything about Kebina coz she stays at a different place. Dont u get cardiac arrests at times??

Leave the homesickness aside, we've come here to work. According to our schedule, it was the teacher's turn this time.

However teaching the teachers wasn't much different than the students, as most of the teachers here were also completely unaware of computers. So we had to start with basic computer skills like typing and mouse handling. But besides these we also showed them the Local intranet in our system. We really have a huge collection of articles in our system which can also be very useful for the teachers.

Later on we had some talks with the teachers about the proper use and the sustainability of the eLibrary. All the teachers are excited and positive towards the lab. By now i don't have any question regarding effectiveness of the softwares being provided. My main concern is the hardware and maintainability issue. Since this is a linux based lab, i'm wondering if the lab would be easy to maintain.

During evening we went to Bhaluwang again. But this time, walking. Actually we had a plan to go to Lamahi. Me in particular wanted to go there coz i'd heard from others that there's internet and i so badly needed to access my email. But the time we finished the training sessions, it was already late and our principal sir recommended not to leave as there might be difficulty returning when it's too late.

At Bhaluwang, we straight went to a local shop to have some fish from nearby Rapti river. Wasn't tasty at first but later on we ended up eating ten plates of them. Well uh, the plates were small, but ten plates is quite a number. We also found a momo shop there. Oh dear, we were already missing momo. Went there and had it too. I didn't find anything wrong with the momo but other guys were freakin out. Ayush was already in search of a medicine shop for some Digene tablets. But later on we ended up with Chocofun :). Ayush's philosophy is that Chocofun helps in digestion. Well, i give a damn to that but being a Chocofun fan, i bought some more Chocofun and later on also made Kebina to buy some. Quite a Chocofun evening!

It was already dark when we returned, and thankfully the bus didn't play any weird songs like last time.

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