Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Chungi, sleepy day and the training

Yesterday i was feeling little sick in the evening, felt like i'm gonna have some fever. I was having kinda soar throat, n every time i have that, a fever follows. I was really scared if i'd catch some fever. So i had to take a tablet of cetamol before sleeping. And thanx god, it worked. I was feelin much better when i woke up.

Talkin about waking up, i must say that we've become quite lazy here. It always gets eight in the morning when we wake up although we even dont work late night. By the time we finish our breakfast, the school ground is already full of students. And you know, we also used to do this when we were at school – some light sports before assembly. What grabbed my attention this time was chungi.

Whereever there is bicycle, there is always chungi. No wonder it used to be our favourite when at school and also at college. Quite a reminiscence of school days, i quickly went to the students to revive some. Although not good at chungi, but it was fun to play with the students. They were more like little brother to me, but it was fun playing with them. Hmmm, i even played chungi at Dang. Quite an experience.

Now back to work. As per our schedule, the first two day were allocated to setup the hardware, the next two days for trainings and the last two days for case studies n all. Well, the two days have already gone, so today and tomorrow are the days for the trainings.

So with the help of Govinda sir, we called group of students to the lab and started teaching them how to turn on the computer, to log in and to run the programs. Well i'm not good at teaching. I portrait myself more like a geek and find pleasure hitting keys and racking my brain in front of computer. But somehow i was trying to cope with other guys.

But not for too long. During breakfast in the morning i had somewhat running nose and was suspecting flu. Shishir had told Govinda sir on phone to bring some tablets of Decold for me and i took one during lunch. The same tablet was inducing sleep now. Oh god, i was tryin soo hard to keep my eyes open. But it seemed almost impossible to me. So in a while Ayush, Kebina and me went to canteen to have a coffee. Funny, before coffee arrived, i fell asleep.

When i woke up, i found myself resting my head at the canteen table, with a cold coffee (which might have been hot when it arrived) before my head. I drank that and ordered another coffee (little hard this time). Sarita ma'am (Kebina stays at her place) and Giri ma'am (newly appointed librarian for the school) joined in. Had some talks with Sarita ma'am. Giri ma'am doesn't talk much. Maybe because she's new.

Now i've mentioned about Sarita ma'am, i'd like to talk little more about her. Her full name is Sarita Rijal and she's from Ghorahi. From the information given by others and especially Kebina (as she stays at her place), she is one of the most influential lady i've ever met. She was married after her SLC but still continued her education from her husband's home. Mind you, i'm talkin on the rural context. Then she came to Kathmandu for her further studies. By then she already had had a child whom she had to leave with her husband. She even had to take meditation classes as she was depressed on being apart from her child. She has done upto masters and she is the most educated lady teacher here. She takes interest on everything – she even has taken computer hardware trainings! But one thing that i'm particularly impressed about – she's soo so simple. Even after what she's achieved, i didn't find a single sign of arrogance in her. She talks like a kid, dresses simple and speaks soft. And most of all, even after reaching such a height she still prefers to educate the children in this remote place. Her husband and child are in Ghorahi and she lives here at Lalmatiya as a teacher. And every weekend, she rushes back home to meet her loved ones. Sarita ma'am, you're the one. You truly are a role model and everyone of us should learn from you. I really salute you from the core of my heart.

Okay now back to my sleepiness. Well after the canteen-snore, i was out of sleep. Returned back to the lab where the training sessions was still going on. I helped the guys to teach the students how to log on, how to open programs. There were few students who were already familiar with computer. To them, i taught some little advanced stuffs like to add article to the wiki (we also have a local wiki in the network). The students are really bright and have keen interest on computers. All they lacked was a computer lab. Felt good that Help Nepal Network is helping them to have one. And i was glad to be a part of it.

During evening we went for a walk to the primary wing of the school. The school where we are setting up the lab is the newly constructed building. It has just been a year or two since they shifted to this new building. The old building is also really big. Of course, they used to run the whole school (upto 10th grade) there.

We walked a little further and for the first time we saw little more houses here. But none of them are cemented. Quite felt like a typical terai village. We used to feel like this is a deserted place, but there's quite a population here.

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  1. This is rama dai,
    great travel louge, however, blends of worries and ramanticism.
    shows your hard work and dedication. this will certianly pay.
    rama dai