Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 Resolutions

2007 rocked for me! But unfortunately signs are building up for the 2008 to be very hard and struggleful for me. College will be ending in a few months too. So lets do some planning, here are my primary resolutions (in no particular order).. ;)

  • I'm gettin lots of job offers but no matter what, full time job - No nO! Part time home based ones - okay.
  • Join masters within this year. Not gonna waste time. Gonna try US for ME (preferred). If not, MBA in Nepal.
  • Tests and Certifications: GRE, RHCE and Cisco (all with flying colors :D)
  • Travel and Adventure: Atleast i'm gonna go for rafting and bungy.
  • Read a lot: Last 4 years of college didn't let me study anything truly out of study course. So anything that comes my way. Philosophy, journalism, photography.. maybe even porn novels ;).. anything..
  • Programming Languages: Atleast i'm gonna learn LISP
  • Skills: Linux Device Drivers (and lots n lots but writing all'll take eternity, :D)
  • FOSS: Complete some softwares that i have started/are in my mind
  • OLPC: This year would be for OLPC Content/software development
  • Blog/Write More: Write everything that comes to me..
  • Save Money: I know this is something i cant control, but i gotta try. Plus, i cant ask my dad for help for my further education.
  • Stay busy: As college's gonna be over in a month, if i dont get busy i'll go mad..
-- And for private eyes --
This year is for you. We're gonna be together again..

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