Sunday, January 06, 2008

Finally into Facebook

Had been quite reluctant, but thanx to my good old fren Kundan's suggestion, i finally got into Facebook. Check out..


  1. Hmm, nice! heh... finally eh? well, facebook isn't so cool thing it used to be though. I enrolled because of it's ajax stuff and all... Now, that's not too interesting. I'm just amazed these days how much time people are willing to devote along with their precious privacy to such stuff!

  2. so guess i missed all the good ol' fun then..

    n i'm quite surprised by the number of app invitations i get (which i've been rejecting till now).. have no plans to get buried by the apps..

    btw, what i've been liking most about facebook is the clean interface (i had hi5 account before ;))..

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  5. Hey, I'm mentioned here!!! hehe. Well, I think Facebook might be an easier option than the freakin' msn groups or Hi5 and ppl like me from states don't have to post pics on diffrent website (webshots, picasa, flickr). We also can see the status updates and whatnots. Anyways, talking about pictures what loads faster on Nepal, facebook or picasa?
    How are the mp3's from CameronKchha?