Wednesday, January 30, 2008

FOSS Nepal at CAN InfoTech 2008

After final hour meetings and planning, we finally were at CAN InfoTech 2008. Please visit us at stall P-8. Thanx a lot to CAN for the complimentary stall.

This is the first time we're at CAN InfoTech and this definitely is a great opportunity to all of us to reach a large mass. This is not like Software Freedom Day; we're gonna have a big impact if we perform well here.

Btw, OLPC Nepal is also in CAN InfoTech. Details here.

Anyway, here're some photos from the first day..

Our Stall

Getting started..

FOSS Logos and poster collection..

On the display..


  1. Great choice of posters for the stall. The pictures reminded me that CAN Info Tech used to be the only big IT event that I looked forward to every year. The IT conference too had some great national and international speakers and topics.

    Anyway please keep up the updates and good luck.

  2. yeah posters r cool. credit goes to prasanna too. we both discussed and finalized the posters in #foss-nepal irc.

  3. I especially liked 4 stalls this year. CPN , FOSS Nepal , OLPC and 1 other whose name i dont really know.

    This year i got some info for RHCE and the CPN(computer point Nepal) gave me A cap for free . The guys from FOSS NEPAL were also a cheerful lot though they kept treating me like a know nothing novice .
    When i inquired about the FOSS pakage which had nepali software they was like “yo chain tapain ley office lai nepali ma chalauna paryo bhaney install garni ho”
    I asked them what other pakges they had other than and they were still like “esma word , powerpoint haru sab nepali mai aunchaa” It was good that they were distrubiting Neplinux for just rs 20 …….. Kudos to FOSS Nepal guys for that ………
    I also liked the OLPC stall ….. these guys were also good …… and there was also a stall for devnagari in braile …… i wanted to inquire but my friend were too busy buying stuff andi had to keep pace with them ….. I even could not remember the name of the software developer ………

    I dint care much about other stalls …… just a walk around stopping by in the stalls of W-link, NTC , Mercantile and Max International.

    Keep On the good work guys.

  4. hey,
    u guyz r doing really good job back home, la la bhawisyako karnadhar haru pragati gardai janu, hamro desh hamile nabanaye kasle banau6 ta n whatever u guyz r doin really adds 1 more brick 2 makin nepal a better place, n ya CAN 2..though I didn't get 2 c it, tya bhayeko bhaye miss pakkai garne thina..