Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Which file extension are you?

Got the link from nepbabu's post. Took the test and found out that i'm .mp3. :)

You are .mp3 The kids love you.  You get along with just about everybody except the music industry.  You really make yourself heard.
Which File Extension are You?

I also took OS and Programming Language test. It showed that i'm OS/2 and Perl. The interesting part is, i dont know both.. LOL..

You are Perl. People have a hard time understanding you, but you are always able to help them with almost all of their problems.
Which Programming Language are You?

You are OS2-Warp. You're plagued by feelings of abandonment and disgust for your backstabbing step-brother.  Oh, what might have been.
Which OS are You?

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  1. heheh.. ma chahi RPM re. lau! :-D